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Year 1/2

Term 6

This term our topic is 'Animal Allsorts'. We have been learning about living things and their habitats. On Tuesday, we had an exciting trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park. We had a lovely day and enjoyed seeing lots of animals. The children were particularly excited to see the giraffes and rhinos. Of course, we could talk about the animals and their habitats as we enjoyed observing their behaviour. 

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Term 5

On Thursday, Rowan and Acorn classes had an exciting visit from an author. Her name was Nadia Shireen. She read the children 2 of her stories and showed them how to draw characters from her books. The children then had the opportunity to buy one of the stories they'd heard. 


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Our topic for Term 5 is 'The Potting Shed'. This term we will be focusing on what a plant needs to survive and studying different sorts of plants and trees. The children have already begun to plant their own bean which they will look after and observe over the coming weeks. 

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Term 4 


Today we had our Easter service in school. We sang hymns and had prayers and readings.


Some of the children worked very hard at home and produced some amazing Easter bonnets for our competition. We were all very impressed.



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As a reward for good behaviour, the children get Golden Time which is a chance to choose activities. Here are some of the activities we chose to do today:

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Term 3 2018


This term the children have been learning all about Brazil. Please feel free to research Brazil with your child at home and bring in any interesting information that you find out.  


They have enjoyed locating Brazil in the atlas and identifying the countries that are on its boarders.


The children have watched videos of Rio carnival and are designing and making their own carnival hats. Watch this space to see their creations. 


Our art work has involved children taking pictures of each other in different carnival poses. We have used these poses to make silhouette pictures. 


In PE the children are learning some Samba steps.  


We have compared the similarities and differences of life in Brazil and the UK.




Schoolympics March 2017

Welcome to Year 1/2!

Term 1

The children really enjoyed our launch lesson to investigate and find out about the topic that we will be thinking about this term.






After investigating all of the launch lesson activities the children were asked to arrange letters to spell out the name of the new topic.



This term in music lessons the children have been using their voices and untuned instruments to accompany a song from a different country.



The children have been using Book Creator on the i-Pads to design and make a book about Chipping Norton and other countries around the world. The children learnt how to navigate around the application and its features. They also learnt how to  import pictures off the camera and the internet.



In R.E the children have been learning about leaders and followers. They wrote and asked Rev Salter some questions about how he leads people and who he follows.






In week 7 the children really enjoyed having the opportunity to visit the Prayer Space that was set up in the Year 3/4 area.  






Term 2

This term we have enjoyed learning about our new topic Brilliant bodies. During the launch lesson the children used objects to make large 3D pictures of the five senses. 




We used paintbrushes to make a picture of a hand for the sense of touch.



We used our smelly shoes to make a picture of a nose for the sense of smell.



We used musical instruments to make a picture of an ear for the sense of hearing.



We used pieces of fruit to make a picture of a mouth for the sense of taste.



We used bright coloured 3D shapes to make a picture of an eye for the sense of sight.


For our Science lessons this term we have looked at the different parts of our bodies and which parts link with our senses.



In Geography this term we have been learning how to use symbols to represent objects when drawing our own maps.



In RE we have been looking at what symbols are used to represent  different faiths.


In Design and Technology we had a go at designing and making our own wind chimes.


The children really enjoyed our trip to the Methodist Church to have a look at all the beautifully decorated trees at the Tree Festival.







In the run up to Christmas lots of Year 1 and 2 children have enjoyed taking part in a Christmas Craft Club and made lots of decorations.








Term 3


The children have had loads of fun exploring activities to find out about our new topic for term 3.


They enjoyed dressing up in football kits and carnival outfits.





We made our own carnival floats using a range of techniques.




The children produced a variety of art and craft work for our International Arts evening using a range of skills and techniques.






Term 4

For Term 4 we had a special visitor to introduce our new topic Kings and Queens.




The children have made timelines to show significant British monarchs. We have been thinking about how these monarch have helped us to have better lives. 



In their maths lessons this term the Year 1 children have been learning to use the Whole, part, part method to find different ways of making the same number.




The Year 2 children have been thinking about the different ways that numbers can be partitioned using tens and ones.




We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite books characters. Can you guess who we are?






This term in R.E we have been thinking about why Easter is important to Christians. We visited St Mary's church to take part in activities to help us understand the meaning of Easter better.





The Year 1 children had great fun taking part in the partnership dance festival at the top school. Here they are showing some of their moves.






Term 5

What exciting things will take place in Term 5?

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