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How we teach Maths at St Mary's


  • Planning

Years 1 to 5 largely follow the White Rose Hub (WRH) plans to deliver the maths curriculum. (The planning overview, and small steps of learning taught in each year, can be found within the curriculum area of this website).


Y6 teachers ensure that the whole curriculum has been covered to date, and plan accordingly to meet the needs of the children in preparation for the secondary curriculum.


  • Assessment

Formative assessment is ongoing and ensures that the lessons planned are appropriate to teach the next steps in learning. Teachers are skilled in assessing progress through the lesson by means of observation and questioning and by viewing independent work.


Interim assessments check if the children have understood a unit of teaching.  This can be through the assessment of specific targets.


Summative assessments are carried out termly to check how much content has been understood and where the gaps are for individuals.  The results are analysed to track the progress of individuals, or groups over time.  This allows the school to implement interventions for individuals or groups.  Y3, Y4 and Y5 sit NFER papers, Y2 and Y6 sit past SATs papers and Y1 use WRH assessments.


  • Mastery

Teachers use a mastery approach to deliver the mathematics curriculum.  This means that most children are taught in same year classes regardless of ability.  Teachers use questioning techniques and a variety of problem-solving activities to deepen understanding.  Practical equipment, such as Dienes, Place Value counters & Cuisenaire are used to demonstrate concepts and support visual learners.  Drawing models such as bar models, whole Part/ part models, number lines and Place Value Charts, also help to reinforce understanding.  Differentiation to match all abilities is achieved through the amount of support given, the equipment used, and the variety of questions and challenges given.


  • Homework

Every child is given access to “Mathletics” which is an on-line learning tool. Teachers set work to be completed by a given date.


Every child is given access to “TT Rock Stars” which is a website allowing children to practise their multiplication tables through a competitive element.

Paper homework is given weekly.


  • Additional maths information

Subject leader – Carolyn Townsend

Specialist teacher – Gill Bray


Together Mrs Townsend and Mrs Bray support the staff to ensure the teaching of maths is consistent across the school.  They attend termly meetings held at CNS with maths representatives from across the Primary partnership of schools, sharing expertise and developing a consistent approach in teaching, to ensure a smooth transition to the secondary curriculum.


Y6 are offered the opportunity to attend a free breakfast maths club – “Numbers on Toast”, to prepare for their SATs papers.  In addition, the Headteacher gives additional lessons to Year 6 children in terms 3 to 5.


Mrs Bray takes a team of high achieving children to Blessed George Napier school each year to take part in their Primary Maths Challenge day.


Any questions about the maths curriculum can be e mailed to the subject leader via the school office or an appointment can be offered upon request.


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School Library


Every child in the school has a library session in our well equipped and modern library facility.  Children are welcome to select books weekly from this provision which is supervised by our School Librarian, Lisa Harrison.



Here at St Mary's we have an exciting and varied curriculum that feeds a child's curiosity and prepares him or her with a skills base that prepares them for life.  If you would like to know more about our curriculum, please contact Anne Strick, Senior Administrator in order to obtain examples of medium term and weekly plans. 

The school is always open to visits so that the public or interested parents can come and see the school in action.  In addition, the school holds an annual Open Morning at the end of September where members of the public can come and see lessons in action.