St Mary's Church of England (Aided) Primary School

Year 1/2

Welcome to Key Stage One 2022




Miss Elwyn ( Year 2) 

Mrs English and Mrs Bray (Year 1) 


Teaching Assistants: 

Mrs Hicks 

Mr Buzzard 

Mrs Harrison 

Mrs Austin 



Visit to the Chipping Norton Coop.

Year 1 and 2 visited Chipping Norton Coop. Each group had a shopping list of items to find, and compared prices to help their selection. The Coop staff taught the children about Fair Trade items and showed the children where their items had travelled from on a world map. The visit was fantastic and we sent our thanks to the Coop, who even gave each child a goody bag to take away.

2022 - 2023




Term 4

Dance Workshop

Part of the Community Learning Programme.  Our children were coached by sports leaders from Chipping Norton School.



World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day the children in Year 2 enjoyed their visit from Mrs. Pike. They had fun acting out the story Zog written by Julia Donaldson.

Potato Book Characters

The children decorated potatoes as their favourite book characters.

Making Thrones

As part of our Kings and Queens topic, the children made thrones. We investigated which 3D shape would be the best to use to make our thrones. We also discussed what we could do to make our thrones stronger.

The Easter Story

We read and discussed what happened in the Easter Story and the children enjoyed acting it out.

Term 3

Multi-Faith Week

Our Visit to the Methodist Church

To start our Multi-Faith week the children in Years 1 and 2 visited Chipping Norton Methodist Church. Whilst in the church the children were asked to look for Christian symbols.


Here are some of the Christian symbols that the children found.

Stained Glass windows

The children used some of the symbols that they found at the Methodist church to make their own Stained Glass windows.

Colour mixing

The children mixed different shades of green and used their colours to decorate Christian symbols.

Sketches of Christain symbols

The children used pencils to make sketches of the Christian symbols that they saw at the Methodist Church.

Sewing Pouches

As part of our Great Fire of London topic, the children made Pouches by sewing two pieces of felt together using a running stitch. We decorated our pouches with the Christian symbols that we found at the Methodist Church.

Term 2

The Gunpowder Plot

We talked about the story of The Gunpowder Plot and the children acted out the story.


Road Safety Week

The children enjoyed taking part in a discussion with Mrs. Austin about her Lollipop person job. The children took part in some role-play on how to cross the road safely.


Term 1

Cricket Coaching

We enjoyed taking part in a cricket coaching session, learning how to throw and catch the cricket ball safely and accurately.

Our Carbon Footprint

The children enjoyed learning about and discussing the ways that they could help to reduce their carbon footprint.

Term 6 

The children really enjoyed taking part in a drumming session using instruments made out of recycling.

Term 5

Our topic this term was 'Through the Keyhole'. We had discussions about Chipping Norton and used Google Earth to find out about where we live. The children enjoyed learning about Bliss Mill and made some clay plaques in their Art sessions.


Term 4 2021


When coming back to school after the lockdown the children completed some work linked to the text The Colour Monster. We discussed feelings and emotions and the children used clay to make their very own monster.


Term 3 2021

This term has been a strange term and the children have been doing their learning from home. This terms topic has been To the Rescue and the children have been busy completing tasks linked to The Great Fire of London. 

We have made collages of Tudor Houses.

We have made models of Tudor Houses.

Term 2 2020

This term the children have enjoyed learning about the First Christmas and have enjoyed dressing up and telling the Christmas Story.

The Christmas Story

Still image for this video

Term 1 2021

This term the children have been learning about Great Explorers. The children have enjoyed completing History and Design and Technology tasks about Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.

We made some rockets when we were learning about Neil Armstrong.

We made some boats when we were learning about Christopher Columbus.

Term 6 2020

Term 5 2020

This term has been a strange time for both the teaching staff and children. The children have been working hard at home to complete tasks that the teachers have set for them on Class Dojo.

Busy working

Naming parts of a plant

Leaf Picture

Telling the time

Abstract Art

Busy cooking

Term 4 2020

This term the children enjoyed a day learning about books and gaining an enjoyment of reading for pleasure. The children took part in lots of activities linked to books and reading but really enjoyed using a potato to make a book character.